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Tube Cranking Service

Tube Cranking Service

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We will crank up your yarn on our Erlbacher Speedster! We have a 64 stitch cylinder, and we will crank up the entire skein for you. It will have waste yarn on each end. 

We ONLY crank our yarn. This listing is for 1 skein, if you want multiple skeins, you must buy multiples of this listing. 1 listing per skein of yarn you want cranked.  Fingering weight only.

The gauge measures approx 8.5-9 sts per inch and approx 11.5-12 rows per inch 

If you want multiple skeins done, it will all come cranked in one long tube with waste yarn separating each skein.

You can put in afterthought heels, toes and cuffs. We have a You Tube video with instructions on how to do this. Check out our You Tube Channel and podcast. Search Polka Dot Creek on Youtube.

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