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Stripes Sweater Set

Stripes Sweater Set

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This adorable stripes sweater by Andrea Mowry is knit in our DK Tweed! 

1 skein each of Spruce, Frost, Burgundy, Valentine, Spicy Mustard and Grey.

DK Tweed skeins are 100grams each, 231 yards. 
85% Superwash Merino, 15% Donegal Neps

Our sweater is knit to a 40” bust size. If you need a bigger size, I would pick another skein of whatever color you would like to add a stripe in. For example, Charcoal or Sand or Avocado.

We had between 15-20 gr left of each color.

We have a wide range of colors in our DK Tweed Section.

* Wash or soak in cool water for 10 min, lay flat to dry.  Use a delicate, low ph laundry soap or wool wash. Some strong and vibrant colours may bleed the first couple of washes. This is normal, use a color catcher or a little bit of vinegar if you are concerned about dye transfer.  Do not let soak for more than 10 min.

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